HSH Furniture

Inspired by the company's core values - Integrity, Caring, Innovation, Service, Responsibility, and Honesty C HSH Furniture gives back to the communities in which we live and work through foundations, active community service and socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Great Quality 
Quality is the most important factor for HSH Furniture. Our quality control specialist checks that manufacturing meets our exact standards. Raw materials and finished products undergo extensive evaluations for durability, appearance, feel (hand), and overall performance. Tests and product standards are executed and monitored in our laboratories, on our production floors, in our warehouses, and at the point of delivery. This keeps our furniture at a high quality level.

Unparalleled Styling
HSH Furniture designers and engineers react quickly to consumer tastes, and have conquered the ability to make style and selection affordable. They travel the world to gain an understanding of the latest trends and discover emerging materials, constructions and technologies. Our customers can always depend on us for classic styling, as well as the latest styles.

Competitive Prices 
You will receive better values at HSH Furniture. When comparing quality items, you will find HSH Furniture often beats competitor's prices. We can provide lower prices because: we arrange our manufacturing directly, we deal in larger volumes, we have effective management and a high level of employee experience.

Environmental Responsibility
On behalf of future generations, HSH Furniture is committed to environmental stewardship through sustainable business practices that help preserve the earth's beauty and resources.

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